Eid Mubarak

Monday was Eid, which meant, yesterday it was time for annual family and friends Eid celebrations at Saif’s house. We do these big family-style dinners together twice a year – one for Eid, and one for Christmas. We gathered for a massive feast of anything from biryani to minced meat patties and different kinds of fried vegetables (basically traditional, extra-heavy Muslim food), with cake and ice cream for dessert. I’m realising that I’m really bad with photographing my food before I eat it — I think I get too hungry and don’t realise until its too late and the plate is empty.


I did manage to capture the meat and potato patties with raita. So good! I secretly have an obsession with raita and eat it with almost everything–the way others consume things like, ketchup.


I had ordered yummy ice cream from Sucre Des Terres for dessert…


…and a gluten free chocolate almond cake from Kala Ghoda Cafe…



After dinner, our game night begun. We are all hooked on this app called PSYCH – its basically a game which everyone downloads on their phones, and then each player writes fake/their own answers to real trivia. In the end, everyone guesses which answer is the actual, correct one. Prepare for some hysterical laughs!




PSYCH is a game created by Ellen DeGeneres, so, as anyone would imagine, its real fun



We ended up playing in teams of two since there were so many of us. Mostly teams consisting of couples…


…except Aditya and Mikhail, who teamed up, and WON the whole thing. Over and over!



By the end of the night we were so tired we could barely keep our eyes open. I was supposed to drop by a friends birthday, but after a long night of family and friends, there was nowhere I was heading except straight to bed.

Eid Mubarak!

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