The art of giving (and receiving) compliments


I’m thrilled and eternally grateful for the awesome response I’ve got on the blog since I semi-announced it last night. It means more than you’ll ever know, really. I love when people just reach out and tell others how they feel–just last night, about an hour after I put this blog out in the universe, I received a message from a woman my age. Somebody I met maybe 10-11 years ago back when I still lived in Sweden. Our friendship has been a social media kind of relationship–you know the kind where we’ve not really had a chance to meet at all, but you still like each others photos every now and then, wish each other happy birthday here and there, pay attention when they’re in a new relationship, and sometimes wish you lived closer to each other. Anyway, point is, this amazing woman reached out to me yesterday, and spelled out her thoughts about me. Straight up. And now I’m sitting here thinking, why don’t we do this more often?  Can we attempt to speak louder about our feelings towards each other, especially when they involve admiration and compliments? And meanwhile, let’s get better at receiving them–I’m personally guilty of brushing off close to everything good anyone says about me.

So, on that note, here’s a snippet of what I received that meant so much to me. Although I may not feel confident enough to believe all of it could possibly be true, I’ve made it a habit to save these kind of things–to print it and keep, as little reminders when I’m not giving myself a break. And also as a reminder to tell the people who inspire me, how much they actually help. This wonderful woman touched me in ways I cannot describe… Thank you. Thank you.

I come across your posts every once in a while and I have to say – you are a woman that I am very proud to know. Whenever I catch a glimpse of a simple thought of your day .. You bring back so much perspective on such a personable level.. You are a woman I feel like every woman (and man) should meet. You are a real woman and the kind of inspiration I feel like every young person should look up to. Way to bring positive power into the world Hanna!!

I was just talking to a friend about being scared bringing up children in this world with the things I see today. I love the way you view things and not only that – but how you try to change things into better and greater waves. I’m telling you – it makes a difference and not everyone will tell you this!

You are of the tiny percentage of women that can create a following of other strong women and men and not feel the need to show your body like the rest of the world. Where millennials feel like they need to show more than necessary skin to entertain or provoke people. You are intelligent, and with that, you are active about using your brains and passions. I appreciate women like you and thought that you should know. I am so sincere about this. I love that you empower other women as well. For real girl, keep doing what you have been doing. You make others around you feel good, I know it. Keep bringing the light to others, more so even when you’re low– you’ll forget about your problems. You are the type of person that probably burns herself while keeping others warm. Know that that you spread a good kind of vibe, a warm kind of light that inspires everyone you meet. I don’t know why I had a premonition to tell you all of this but I hope you know you make a difference. Also – how the fuck do you have all this energy to do what you do AND some??????? 


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