I’m coming home!


Yesterday, I finally booked my tickets to Europe! I haven’t been back home during summer time in three years, and I can’t wait to go. There’s as usual a lot on the agenda while I’m there. My cousin is getting married, so the day after I arrive we’re going for his wedding, and day after that, one of my oldest friend’s daughter is getting baptised.

Saif is joining me in Sweden a few days after I arrive–he’s been to Sweden with me three times, but never in the summer. I’m really looking forward to showing Saif the Swedish country side, eating my moms food, spending time with family and friends, walking to the beach, playing mini golf, picking flowers and seashells, and doing things like BBQ’ing and drinking wine in the garden until midnight (because it just never gets dark). And I can’t wait to see my family. We try and meet as often as we can but, twice a year or so will still never be enough…

On the way back to India, we’re spending a couple of days in London. I have some amazing friends living there who I’m dying to see. The Airbnb we’ve booked is the same place we stay at in Notting Hill every time we go–it’s such a cute little flat, and there’s something special about continuously coming back to a place where you’ve already made some amazing memories.

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