My all-time favourite accessory

Hi babes! How’s life? Over here life is good.

I’m in bed this morning browsing the web for sunglass-inspo, and thought I’d share some of my best finds with you. Our summer Euro-plans have got me feeling the summer vibes.

Firstly, when it comes to latest sunglass-trends of 2017, can we please talk about THIS?! [click!] What is it about the latest celebrity street style looking like I did fooling around with my dad’s forgotten-in-a-drawer type sunglasses ca 1995? Keep the sun in your eyes and look like your dad this summer.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.58.11 PM


Not saying you guys don’t look great in yours–by all means. I just know I’d look like I had been pranked real bad. Now, over to some of my favourite finds…

This pair is from the Australian sunglass brand Onkler [click!]. I got a similar pair in a yellow/green type printed frames with purple glass, and I can safely say I’ve never been complimented more on anything in life. They’re also on the affordable side. Well, if one considers $260 affordable. Money well spent, though!

OK I feel so excited right now because I legitimately a good 90 minutes this morning trying to figure out what brand this was. I tried them on in Tokyo at a store called C.C. Country in Harajuku and absolutely fell in love. Even considered calling them just now, and then suddenly, there they were! They’re from Thom Browne [click!], and if I could pick one pair of sunglasses in the world to have this summer, I’d pick these. The reason I’m not is because they’re in the $700-800 range. Not my sunglass-budget at this time. Love you though, Thom Browne. I choose you!

I just want to clarify that this is me taking photos of bamboo trees in the Kyoto bamboo forrest, wearing this amazing pair from Opening Ceremony [click!]. The colour of mine, pink, doesn’t seem to be available on their website, but I’m sure you can find it elsewhere (I got mine offline). $420.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 11.43.21 AM

I don’t own these but I want them, and Gigi Hadid is one well-dressed gal. From a collaboration between Gentle Monster and Opening Ceremony [click!]. $380.


The Mask Junior Black’s from Acne Studios [click!] look scarily similar to a pair of Dior I bought with one of my first saved up summer salary, handing out coupons and magazines on the streets of Lund in Sweden in 2004. Considering the ongoing Rihanna/Andy Wolf minimalistic/Matrix-sunglass trend, this may or may not make you lose all your faith in my sense of style. Anyway, $400.

Last but not least, a few more favourites from Acne Studios. You can take a Swede out of Sweden but you can’t take Sweden out of a Swede – makes sense? I honestly can’t pick my favourite from their eyewear collections, but here are a few. Saif has the green Winston’s [click!]. Timeless and super cool. $350.

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