A Tequila kind of Monday

Hi everyone! I think a proper hi is in order, considering how many of you dropped in here between last night and today. Thank you for every comment, all your sweet words and all the feedback. I take every single thing to heart and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I’m more motivated than ever to finally get going on this!

Last night after I left the office, I rushed home to change and then hopped into an Uber to go meet up with a few friends at a restaurant called KODE in Lower Parel. I hadn’t heard of or been to KODE previously, and I’m always up for trying something new. Gaby was the hostess of the night, and let’s just say the five of us were in for quite a treat…


We ordered some food ourselves based on what we couldn’t resist on the menu, and the rest was recommended by and served directly from the chefs for us to try. The calamari was yum, the wasabi prawns too…


The chefs recommended the ceviche, which looked good, but I didn’t try myself–the guys said it was very fishy, and I’m not a fan of fish that tastes too much like fish, if that makes sense…


Suneera and Gabs were mostly in charge of the ordering. We were encouraged to try their different cocktails, and although I prefer wine and beer over hard-liquor, I’m also a big fan of tequila. Suneera and I negotiated our way to a non-sweetened margarita on the rocks…



Beautiful Gabs, and also our hostess of the night. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a clear photo of the girls–the lighting was off and the camera wouldn’t have it…


One can never go wrong with pizza. Especially pizza with truffle oil.




By the time the meal wrapped up, half of the group was ready to hit the hay, the rest was headed for karaoke. Although I’m always up for a good karaoke session at any time of any day, I decided to pass and head home to bed.

I’m quite the bore with food in this city, and like to go to the same places more often than not (you’ll see). I would definitely come back to KODE for drinks and appetisers with friends before a night out, and the staff was sweet and accommodating. My only “complaint” would be to dim the light a bit more. I’m a sucker for good ambiance!

Thanks Gabs, and thanks KODE for having us!

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