Couple Crush

This morning when I wrote about the podcast, I also mentioned that I was going to share something funny with you. Well, it’s not like a laugh-out-loud type thing…

Basically, this amazingly genuine and awesome Swedish blogger recently put together a post of her giving birth to her son. From the time the water broke, to when the baby is officially out and about, she’s put together 19 minutes of total realness (no blood, promise). I start crying happy tears around 16 minutes into it every time I watch (yes I’ve watched it several times). And lucky for some of you, she’s had so many views of this video she recently added English subtitles.

I mean, this is incredible?! This is the most natural thing in the world, but even with a mom who’s a midwife, I can’t really wrap my head around the baby baking and delivery process. Isn’t it so cool, what the female body is capable of? How strong and powerful women are? And don’t these two have the best dynamic, ever? I’m more of the kind to crush on these kind of relatable people than I am on a Brangelina type duo. I want to be their friend!

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