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Yesterday, when I asked my sister what part of the blog she enjoys reading the most, she told me that she enjoys seeing what living in India is like. My day-to-day life here. And since what people tend to see on Instagram and Facebook–from parties and sit down dinners, to launches and other events– I figured it may be a good opportunity to use the blog as a platform to showcase what I’m actually up to, in between all those other things…



This morning I was heading to the bank. I had transferred money to a family member’s Swedish account on Monday, and two days later they called me and said that it no longer permitted to transfer from my Indian bank account to another persons non-Indian bank account. Alrighty then. So off I went, to start over the hour-and-a-half long process, of transferring the funds to my own Swedish bank account, and then eventually from there, to its final destination…


I usually take Uber’s everywhere, but when I’m traveling short distances, a black-and-yellow cab is sometimes more convenient. You hop in, sweat a lot, potentially go half deaf, but you also often get to where you’re going faster. I could write a long post on the science of transportation in Mumbai, but I’m going to keep that one for another time…


Some of the kindest and most helpful people I’ve met in this city are the drivers of these black and yellow cabs. These taxis don’t have AC’s, and half the time the windows don’t roll up. Many of these drivers use the car to make a living in the day, and sleep in the backseat at night. A couple of years back, before Uber became the number 1 preferred way of traveling in this city, I used to take these taxis every single day. The drivers more often than not don’t speak English, and they may never see you again, yet, the way they’ve treated me in moments of crisis* has been…commendable. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’ve not had a couple of bad experiences, and that one shouldn’t be careful traveling alone or late at night.

*Elaborating on ‘crisis’: I’ve been lost, on my way home from parties at 4am, late,  angry, and frustrated. In Mumbai, when it rains it pours, and when its hot, its like overwhelmingly hot, so, commuting in an hour between meetings in these cabs, wearing business-casual or even just a casual tee, often ends up in sweat-related armpit stains and face-sweats (yup, its a thing) despite you not even being a sweaty kind of person. Sometimes you just can’t help but to get frustrated, for no actual fault of theirs. Because of the honking. And the traffic. And the constant negotiating. Either way, these black-and-yellow drivers have helped me find my way home, woken me up when I’ve fallen asleep in the backseat, gotten me safely to my destination, and generally made sure I’m safe and sound.



When I used to live in Santa Barbara (outside LA), I used to joke about how “if you can drive in LA, you can drive anywhere.” Well, that’s not true. LA traffic got nothing on Mumbai. Organised chaos is a semi-appropriate term to use here. Although its not really organised at all. Cars, bikes, motorcycles, humans, horses, dogs, cats and cows…


I passed the fruit stand where I pick up my fruits some mornings…


And then I passed this man, who sells individual toilet parts on the side of the road. I don’t know if you guys can see it, but there’s a flush hanging from the tree and there are different toilet-cover samples hanging on the wall…


After wrapping things up at the bank, I stopped to pick up some fresh flowers on my way home. I get flowers for myself at least twice a week–it makes me so happy every time…

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 2.55.43 PM

While writing this post, I realised how blessed I am to be living in this country. Being a person who enjoys a fast paced way of life, with high highs and low lows, lots of colour, culture, and a daily dose of adventures and challenges, to remind you that you are alive and what that sounds, smells, and feels like–I sometimes ask myself, how I’ll ever be able to leave…


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