Exhibition, dinner and movie

Hi Friday!

I’m going to keep it short today because I’m running in between office and other things. Tonight I’m hosting an event at Luna, at hotel St. Regis, and my dear friend Pauline is playing. So exciting! It’s my second time hosting an event there.

Last night I went straight from the office to a friend’s exhibition at TARQ in Colaba. I love their gallery space! There’s always such a great vibe and nice crowd. Such a refreshing way to socialise — Saif and I were only going to drop by for 15 minutes before our dinner, but an hour flew by and we almost didn’t want to leave…






Our friend Shahid Datawala was the man of the hour – anyone in Bombay definitely has to go check out his exhibition while its on. I think he said it will be on until August 5. For this exhibition, he’s sourced inspiration from sewage systems, matchboxes and abandoned buildings, searching for “beauty in the banal”…



These stunning two. I love this photo! Lovely Pauline in black dress is DJ’ing at the event I’m hosting tonight. She makes incredible music! I’m blessed with many incredibly talented friends.





Can we talk about how stunning my friends are too? The things I would do for Nicole’s hair…


When we left the exhibition, Saif and I walked across the street to our second home, The Table. Saif had the lamb shanks with mashed potatoes and I had my new favourite dish–orcchiette pasta with meat sauce. It’s so good!



After dinner we went off to see the new Spiderman film at the cinema. It was okay — two only decent movies in one week! We did have pretty high expectations on this one though. As you know I still love going to the cinema, so I don’t really mind the movie being average. By 2AM we were home in bed, at which point I was almost feeling stressed, having to get up at 7AM for my workout. It went well though, we did mostly strength training today. Do you guys want me to share some more details around my workouts at some point?

Now I’ve got to jump in the shower and head for dinner. I’ve planned a small dinner with friends before our event tonight. Have a great Friday night everyone! 

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