Sunday shoot & season finale

Isn’t there such a bitter sweet feeling to Sunday evenings? Regardless of what’s waiting for you around the corner on Monday morning, there’s something exciting about a new week coming up, but at the same time there’s also something that makes me slightly uneasy about another week having swept by. Time ticks even faster the older we get, it seems.

I’m finally better from the food poisoning from hell, and although I’m still living on the BRAT diet [click!], I’m back to my normal self. Exhaustion and weakness aside. Today I had a shoot with a super cool brand called The Olio Stories [click!]. I’m being featured on their website & blog, along with a personal interview. So exciting! And I’m especially excited to be featured by such a cool brand. It was insanely hot and humid though–we all looked like we had danced in the rain by late afternoon. I can’t wait to see the final results!


After the shoot I came straight home, unpacked my weekend bag, put on a face mask, watched the final episode of Orange Is The New Black, and cried a lot–it didn’t even matter that the last season wasn’t great, its still so touching to have followed the intense character developments and many emotional rollercoasters each of the characters have gone through. Plus I generally cry to anything remotely sad.


I’ve never been a face mask kind of person. Do these things even work? I can honestly never really tell the difference, but the process of washing your face, putting on the mask, lighting candles all over your house, listening to some relaxing music and potentially getting smoother skin in the process, is enough incentive for me to be sold on it. I got these in Tokyo and it was the first time I tried it tonight.


30 min later I took it off and went for a steaming shower. I think my face is smoother than before? Yes, I think so…


And on top of that, my entire house smells like lavender thanks to these candles I picked up at Itoya, a famous stationary store in Tokyo. They don’t just smell lovely, they’re also beautiful to look at.

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