Dinner in the making

I left the office around 7.30pm this evening and I walked straight over to the flower shop where I get my flowers every week. There are two things I gift myself every week—candles and flowers. I see it as an investment in myself: I don’t cook without it, I don’t feel inspired without it, I don’t feel cozy without it. Clearly, its a necessity. I got pink lilies today—I’m not much of a pink person, but they smelled so good I couldn’t resist. From there, I walked over to the market and picked up some fresh vegetables.




There’s something special about coming home, giving each of the flower stems a fresh cut, and putting them into a vase with water. Sounds extremely blah, I can’t describe it–it just makes me happy. All while listening to something I wouldn’t listen to with anyone else around. Currently playing: Westlife – When a Woman Loves a Man


When I took out all the vegetables on the counter I realised I forgot to get sweet potatoes…


…so after peeling everything I decided to add a couple of regular potatoes instead. Sweet potatoes recommended, though. What else is on my cutting board? Beets, carrots, onions, garlic cloves, and fresh thyme.


After cutting everything up I mixed it all together in a pan, along with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Put the pan with everything in the oven for about 30 min. Make sure you turn the veggies around every 10 min or so, to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom…


There are two things I cannot live without. Well, three. Garlic, lime, and sauce. So this is basically that–my favourite go to sauce. Works with anything from cold cut veggies, roasted veggies, grilled chicken, chips, fries, steak…anyway, basically everything. A few spoons of Greek yoghurt, half a lime, a couple of chopped garlic cloves, salt, pepper. Mix together and keep in the fridge for at least 10-15 min.



Voila! Delicious. I added some Chèvre on top. Just because cheese is the fourth thing I cannot live without…

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