Vacation mood

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I’m having one of those great-for-no-reason days. Could it be the rain? I’m feeling right at home in this gloomy weather. Well that and, I’M IN SWEDEN ONE WEEK FROM NOW! Can’t tell you how excited I am. My friend Elin and I have decided to make lists of cool places to check out in Southern Sweden while we’re both there, in addition to the many cute cafes, beautiful beaches, farm-house-turned-restaurants, and all the random stores I’m planning to visit at Österlen. Österlen is my home-town hood basically, and my actual home-town is Simrishamn. In my teens I used to hate being there because it’s seriously dead most of the year. In the summer its the most beautiful place in the world though, and also the most peaceful.

Saif and I are also working on a London list this week. I love how we’re both such planned travellers–most things we don’t end up setting in stone, but we make lists of things we’d like to check out based on different areas, and then we work through parts of it depending on each day we’re there. We went to London for six days in May last year and it was such a special trip. Now we’re going back to all the places we loved, while also adding newfound goodies and must-do’s to this list.

Still, despite of all this new, funky, hipstery stuff we’re experiencing and coming across, London to me will always be the place where I had some of the best family weekends as a child. I have this very clear memory of sitting at the bar at an English pub with my parents and my sister, eating fish and chips out of a newspaper. I think I must have been 7 or 8. It’s funny how some seemingly very average situations can edge to our memory for the rest of our lives…

Do you have any good London recommendations?

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