Rainy Thursday



Today is one rainy day–it’s not stopped pouring outside since I rolled out of bed. Saif and I started the morning with a nice breakfast. He slept in a bit longer and I got up to set the table with all kinds of yummy berries, fruits, granola and croissants. I’m not a big breakfast person, but I love a cozy start on the day…

I spent all day in the office, and by 7pm I rushed straight home to get ready for tonight. There was a massive mosquito in my room and I couldn’t catch it, so in my everyday monsoon fear of getting malaria or dengue, I basically just put on whatever was closest to me and ran out the door.

I’m going for an event tonight hosted by Harper’s Bazaar and Tanisq. My friend Gaby is showing some of her collection there for the event–as usual, I’m super excited to see it. After the event I’m off to a late dinner hosted by a few friends. Sounds like a pretty social and fun Thursday to me. I’ll post outfit photos and tell you more about it tomorrow. Happy Thursday!

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