The Bandra Project

Last night was a blast! I promised I’d show you what I ended up wearing in the end, so here it goes. My dress is from Acne Studios. I need to take it in in the waist, but how amazing are these long, oversized sleeves? It has buttons at the wrist so you can keep the sleeves above your hands as well–however one may please. I honestly never wear short dresses–long story–so I wore it with thigh high boots. Maybe not the best match, but honestly the only way I’m most comfortable. Is there anything worse than going out feeling uncomfortable in what you’re wearing? Talk about ruining a good time.


At the first event they were showcasing diamond jewellery worn with Gaby’s clothes. I didn’t get many photos from there, because it was pouring and because we didn’t stay for that long. We squeezed into the car, and off we went for the dinner at this new place called The Bandra Project…


…lots of hugs by the door…



Acquin, Harpreet and Mona were the hosts of the night. If anyone wants to throw a successful launch party, you know who to call… There’s really never an empty inch in the room when this trio is in charge. They were also my first friends in this city. When I moved to Bombay four years ago, a friend back home tagged me in a photo on Instagram and made an introduction. After that, I think I went for every single event they hosted in this city on a bi-weekly basis. It’s thanks to them and their work I know so many incredible people in this city, it really is. If it wasn’t for this crew, I probably wouldn’t have met Saif either. Isn’t that crazy to think about, how everything is so connected?


I caught up with Nam, who was as happy as always. His wife, Smita, has been in Paris for a few weeks for work and gets back tonight–even I can’t wait to see her!









I ran into so many friends–I love when that happens. Here’s Devika and Farah, always smiling away…


Red wine for the non-cocktail drinkers… I only drink wine and beer. And tequila, on special occasions.


Out came seriously some of the best pizza I’ve had in Bombay. It was delicious–we couldn’t stop eating and just kept ordering more.


By 11-11.30pm it was time for me to head home. I’ve gotten so much better at knowing when its time to go–a couple of years back I would have stayed until closing, then gone for the after party, and then the after-after party as well. After entering what may be referred to as a pizza-coma, I hopped into a rickshaw and headed for bed. I also had a heavy workout today at 8.30am that I had to be up for.

Many thanks for a great night–as someone rightly mentioned, this was one of the better opening nights I’ve ever gone for in this city. Thank you!

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