Packing process

Believe it or not, but I’m in the process of packing for Europe already. Our flight is on Thursday morning, and I know this week will be super busy with long days in the office. I used to hate packing but Saif has taught be to be extremely practical, rather than emotional, about it. I used to carry all the maybe’s with me, but now I just make up outfits in advance (and take into account shopping while we’re away)…


I have a bit of a weird layover in London and have to basically go through immigration and pick up my suitcase when we land at Heathrow, then head to another terminal and check back in for the flight to Copenhagen. Saif is joining me four days later. In a worst case scenario, if our Mumbai-London flight is delayed, our plan is to have Saif pick up my suitcase, while I have what I need in my carry-on for the first few days at home. So, I’ve packed for my cousin’s wedding and a friends baby’s baptism in a small bag, which I’ll worst case take with me and run (been there, done that).


Excited to finally wear my leather jacket from Acne Studios. It just hangs in the wardrobe all year, except when we travel abroad. It’s too hot to wear it in India. And how amazing is this cape I got yesterday? Can’t wait to wear it with a small black top and jeans!


In this bag lays a beautiful forrest-green gown I got for one of the festive occasions we have planned for while we’re back home. Can’t wait to show you guys…




I got this polka-dot dress from Saif’s sister Shehla when she was in London and I’m obsessed with it…


…its from Sandro, and I’m thinking of wearing it with my Dr. Martens for a day out in London, or with a pair of simple black heels for a dressy occasion…


I think I’m done packing for now, except for some things I need to pick up from dry-cleaning and a purse I left at Paulina’s place. I honestly SO recommend packing a few days in advance–that way you have time to realise all your ridiculous oh-maybe-I’ll-wear-this-although-I’ve-never-worn-it-before-ever mistakes that otherwise usually tend to happen…

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