Looking back: Saturday @ Sequel

This past weekend I spent all my day working–on a presentation for work, building blog content, planning upcoming activities & events for WAC, and writing on my book…


I did a long cardio session in the morning, and after a quick shower I went to Sequel and parked myself there for the entire afternoon. I currently have a total hang up on Sequel in Bandra. If I could I’d go there every single day! Even though the noise levels tend to get on the higher side during lunch hours, its the perfect spot to sit for a few hours when you have a lot to get done in one go…


The burrata and avocado salad is my most recent favourite. It has roasted chickpeas, cashew nuts and prunes in it too. How good does this look?!



Beautiful Vanika is the founder of Sequel and you can find her at the restaurant almost every day, chatting with guests, taking orders, and bringing out fresh baked goods on the counter. The place has been around since sometime early last year–Vanika quit her full-time corporate job to go on a sabbatical, which eventually turned into the launch of Sequel. Lucky for us! I also find her story both brave and inspiring.


Everything at Sequel is healthy, baked with natural sweeteners, nuts, raw cacao and oils.


Towards the end of the afternoon Saif dropped by in between meetings to say hello. He recently convinced me to buy monsoon shoes–apparently that’s the kind of shoes that don’t get ruined in water, but also the kind that doesn’t get your feet wet. I went to Zara that day, and secretly came back with a pair of babouches… Saif stared down at my feet and then back at my face:

“These are not monsoon shoes Hanna. They are suede.”

I guess I’ll be bringing back my Hunter-rainboots when I get back in August!


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