Home bound

Sorry about the silence! I left for Sweden yesterday afternoon Indian time. We made the flight by no more than 2 minutes before check-in closed–I really can’t stand being late and was convinced we’d miss our flight until the moment we actually got on board…


Obviously I rushed so much I broke off a nail when we went through security. The tip flew off across the security section and everyone just basically stared at it and then at me. Off I went with 9 tips.


Can we talk about flying business vs. economy? I used to be one of those people who thought things like “why waste money on something as stupid as flying comfortably?” OK well I take it back. All of it. It’s totally worth it and anyone who can afford it, should. You basically fly and then you arrive to your final destination happy and well rested. I swear: Nothing. Like. It. I kept looking over at Saif doing thumbs up and a silent “OHH YEAAAA” whenever he looked over my way.


Saif was really exhausted and asked me if it was OK to eat and pass out before the flight even took off. I told him to at least wait until we were on the way. He said fine and waited politely.


Once we were up in the air, I got to work. I had to finish a few emails and type up a couple of blog posts. I tried starting a few movies in the background but honestly there was nothing that lasted more than 15-20 minutes. I think I’ve gotten pickier with my choice of movies?


When it was time for dinner I ordered a decent French wine and attempted a salad with the non-veg option…


…the food on Jet Airways is quite bad, to be honest. I ordered an inedible salad and this prawn and roasted veggies dish. I ended up eating the potatoes and leaving the rest. My stomach is so sensitive these days, I’m afraid anything more adventurous will most likely be regrettable.


Then Saif accidentally dropped half a glass of water on himself, so we held hands while one of the flight attendants tried to help dry things up…


…then we cuddled up for a bit in Saif’s seat…



When Saif went to sleep I moved back into my seat and ordered popcorn and another glass of red. I started watching Beauty and the Beast which was just about very OK, but I was happy because who isn’t stoked about popcorn and wine under a blanket anyway?




After attempting to watch about 5 semi-bad movies I moved on to the August issue of Vogue. I found so much stuff I want to check out when we go to London…


…like this bikini, among other things…


…and this perfume I’ve been eyeing from Byredo for the longest time…


When we landed in London I said bye and rushed off on my own. Just about made it onto my SAS flight from London to Copenhagen. How amazing is it that its this light out in London at 9PM? Once I landed in Copenhagen I hopped on a train to Sweden and my mom & sister waited on the platform when I got off. So incredibly happy to be home!

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