Beach wedding 

On Saturday, my cousin Adam got married to his long-time girlfriend, Jenny. Adam and Jenny have been a couple for as long as I can remember – they had a small ceremony on the beach followed by a party in the garden of her parents…

The ceremony was short and sweet, and the sun even came out despite the recent disastrous summer weather in Sweden this year. We’ll talk about that later…

Emma and Adam. Emma is Adam’s older sister – I’ve not seen her for five years so it was great being reunited with everyone. She used to play school/classroom when we were younger, and afterwards, tell us scary ghost-stories in the dark. Some of my best memories growing up! She’s studying to become a preschool-teacher now and I couldn’t think of a better career for Emma – she’ll be the best teacher ever.

After the ceremony I took some photos with my siblings on the beach. Maja is 23, Ellie is 6 and Noah is 4. Maja and I have the same parents and grew up together–Ellie, Noah and us have the same dad but different moms. We don’t get to meet as often as I would like, but it’s incredible to come home and see how much they’ve grown and developed every time we meet. Ellie is growing into such a mature, calm, loving and gentle person, and Noah who’s the youngest in the bunch is very careful yet energetic and playful–climbing on everything, and cheering to loud sounds from cars, motorcycles and airplanes…

So happy I made it home for Adam’s and Jenny’s wedding!

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