Between the beach and the trees…













Hi guys! I’ve been slightly more MIA than I had planned to be since I got home, I promise to get better from here… Saif has been down with food poisoning since we left India on Thursday last week. It got so bad we had to rush him to the hospital on Wednesday morning. Yesterday he got slightly better, and we managed to force feed him a traditional ice-cream-by-the-harbour in my hometown. Probably not ideal on a sick stomach, but what to do when you only have a few days to make memories and try all the yummy things Sweden has to offer? On top of that, my 10 year old cat has caught a deadly virus. Right after I rushed Saif to the hospital, my sister and I rushed the cat to the vet and got not-so-great-news… Let’s just say its not been the most ideal scenarios to start off our holiday.

I had to cancel a few plans with friends and have spent more time than I planned to back home with family instead. My mom and I have started every morning with long walks in the forrest around our house, and I’ve managed to get a couple of runs in, too. It’s so incredibly beautiful here, to live right next to the beach but also a minute walk from a stunning forrest. I used to hate it growing up, but now I’m considering getting a small house of our my here one day…

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