First Swedish swim of the year

We woke up this morning with the sun shining on us. We had a beautiful breakfast in the morning and then we packed our beach bag and headed to the beach. In case you ever find yourself in South of Sweden, please do yourself a favour and visit Knäbäckshusen. Its honestly the most beautiful beach in all of Sweden, and I think most people who’ve been would agree. Its a 15 minute drive from Simrishamn, which you can get to by train from Malmö. You’ll have to elbow your way around for a parking spot, but I can assure you it’ll be worth the struggle…











Having grown up in this area, spending a summer day here is basically the most perfect summer day. It reminds me of my childhood–coming with a picnic basket and a large blanket to share, we’d spend days on end here making sand castles, eating crackers and sandwiches, drinking homemade lemonade and learning how to swim. I wasn’t sure how Saif would feel about the experience, but I think he enjoyed it more than anyone else. He was in the water diving, jumping, floating and swimming back and forth. It was 16 degrees Celsius in the water and when it reached my knees the cold burned so much I couldn’t walk any further. Hats off to Saif for embracing it like a true Swede!


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