Recommendation: Suckarnas gång

In a park right by my moms house, there’s a weekend market called Suckarnas gång. The market has been setting up every Saturday there for as long as I can remember. I think it dates back to when my mom was growing up here–maybe even longer…


People sell anything and everything here, mostly used stuff, like clocks, books, movies, vases and old lamps… It may not look like much, but I secretly love walking around these different stalls, maybe not buying anything, but seeing what all people have dug out from their homes to come and sell off here…


Lots of kids who have grown too old for their toy collection come and sell them off here too. I love the idea of recycled toys.



So incredibly grateful to be spending time with these three…


We looked through some old records but instead of buying anything we were just reminded of some of the greatest hits of all times. When we got home later in the day I searched all of them on Spotify and we listened to classics by Ted Gärdestad and ABBA while making dinner… Are there lyrics more beautiful than Jag Vill Ha En Egen Måne? You can read the English translation of the song here.


This may look useless but how practical is it to buy a used tool if you don’t really need it for any major purposes? Just good to haves at home, if and when needed…




I have my own experience as a salesman here, too. When I was short on tuition money to complete my degree at Brown, my mom, sister and I (teamwork!) once cleaned out our basement and garage and set up our own table there, selling anything from used TV’s, children’s clothes, garden tools, a canoe and other things we had laying around the house just kind of taking up space. I can’t remember how much we brought in, but I do know it was thousands of SEK (Swedish Krona). My sister and I even made a sign by our table giving our address for people to come shop directly out of our garage, where my mom and a few of her friends were selling even more stuff. Even though it sounds quite entertaining now, looking back at it, it was a year of a lot of hustle. I think ‘blood, sweat and tears’ seems fairly accurate here… And hey, we made it!


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