Flower power

There are a lot of things and traits I’ve gotten from my mother, but her passion for candles and flowers is definitely in the top ten similarities between us. She always keeps fresh flowers in the house, regardless of the time of the year, and as often as possible, the flowers come straight from her own garden…



Every time I come home to visit there are colourful bouquets all over the house–always a particularly lovely one on my nightstand to remind me that I’m welcome and right at home…



Hydrangeas are some of my most favourite flowers. This baby pink one from the garden looks stunning against the grey wall… And it’s huge!




We picked these beauties with us from grandma’s garden after our garden lunch there on Friday. They look adorable in a white, round vase.

I have a newfound interest in cool vases and will be on the lookout for some interesting ones in London while were there. I came across a couple of interior vintage shops I’ll definitely be checking out to pick up some vases but also other home stuff:

  • Out Of The Attic, 195 Blackstock Road – cool cheap vintage interior stuff for the home
  • Search and Rescue, 129 Stoke Newington Church Street – unique home decor
  • Camden Passage Antique Passage



After admiring the flower arrangements this afternoon I came to the living room and ran into these two lovebirds, sharing a piece of cake on the couch. Grateful to have everyone under the same roof for once–I know I keep saying it but I can’t help myself!

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