London calling!

Yesterday, on our last day in Sweden for this time, we spent the afternoon with family before we were off to the airport for an evening flight. The farewells were as usual tear-filled and emotional, but still slightly lighter than usual because we know we are meeting again in four months. We also had such a nice week together. Although we had a couple of downers (who doesn’t anyway?), such as my cat and Saif’s health, things ended up wrapping together nicely, and the last weekend back home with family was beautiful. I always leave feeling slightly bummed I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to see, and do all the things I wanted to do. A constant work in progress…

We flew with SAS from Copenhagen to London, and although my sister and several of my friends are working with them as air-hostesses, I must say, they’ve really degraded in terms of service and quality standards. I had bought our one way tickets for quite a lot, and we still ended up having to pay 1060 DKK in order to check in two bags with us on the flight. Apparently that’s a new normal at SAS–all European flights charge for check-in baggage, so keep that in mind in case you’re flying with them. It adds another ticket to the overall price, basically.






Once we landed in London, we were about an hour delayed and Saif (with his non-EU passport) got stuck in the immigration line for over 1.5 hours. By the time we reached our Airbnb in Notting Hill, everything was shut. Apparently everything in London shuts pretty early on Sundays? After walking around for a bit, we found a late-night open Italian place called Essenza. The food turned out to be delicious. We were the only guests in the restaurant–I ate an incredible homemade pasta with black truffle. With our tummies full and satisfied, we walked home to our apartment. I worked for a bit in bed before passing out. I really appreciate that about my job–being able to work from anywhere at anytime.


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