Beautiful Monday 

We had the most beautiful day yesterday! Don’t even know where to begin… We kicked off the morning at Electric Diner, to plan our day and get some work done. Saif went to the gym for an hour while I sent some work emails, and then we hopped into a cab and went to Soho where we walked around most of the afternoon. We need to get better at taking the subway–I’m a bit impatient and whenever we’re traveling I just want to get where were going. Will make another attempt today…






If you haven’t been to Kingly Court in the summer, please go. It’s a cute little courtyard, buzzing with beer & coffee drinkers and hungry pizza and/or ramen eaters at all times of a sunny day. We sat down for pizza and a beer and enjoyed the vibe…




Then we strolled from there around Soho… I picked up some workout clothes and a couple of super cool pieces from one of my favourite shops here called Machine A. Can’t wait to show you!


We stopped at Soho Grind for an espresso shot. So good!



And gelato for me obviously…

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