Nomadic Community Gardens

If I could pick one area of London to spend a full day, I think its safe to say Shoreditch would be my top choice. The area around Brick Lane and Red Church street has such a great vibe, and is surrounded by anything from vintage shops, new brands, street art, and some of the best bars London has to offer…


Banksy is one of the superheroes of the area. His art is spread across back-alleys and walls along main streets here, and tourists gather in large groups to take photos of the mystic pieces, one by one.. Speaking of Banksy, if anyone is a fan, you must watch a documentary called Exit Through The Gift Shop. Even if you’re not a fan, you’ll love.




My feet were bleeding from all the walking around, but I was happy anyway…



Then, just like that, at the end of Brick Lane, there lies a secret garden called Nomadic Community Gardens. While wandering around Shoreditch we came across this area, and instead of walking towards lunch we decided to wander around and explore…


When you enter the area you’ll see a couple of signs about the nomad land you have ahead of you, and you’ll be surrounded by lots of street art and colours. Possibly also a couple of people peeing on the side of the road–that’s what we saw, anyway. But fear not! If you continue to stroll, follow the signs and enter this unique Christiania inspired free-zone…


The area is basically a large, secret garden, previously a wasteland turned second home for people from all walks of life. The area is full of sculptures, art, farming, outdoor ‘living rooms’, a cafe, a bar, a stage, and so on…


At the cafe you can catch anything from a bacon sandwich to a glass of prosecco or an orange juice. Whatever you want, basically…


These are chairs for couples to sit at, in case anyone’s wondering…




The Nomadic Gardens social project is a garden and a safe space to showcase creativity. For tourists passing by, for local artists to create, for locals without a garden, or for those interested in live music, the park is a place for just that–anything you want it to be.


The gardens have a kindness boutique, where people leave clothes for other people to take, either for free for those who need it more than you do, or to buy for a small sum. The area also have these ‘birdhouses of positivity’ where people leave positive messages for others to read. How. Amazing. Is. That.



I would sincerely recommend checking out this area to anyone who thinks it sounds like an interesting place after reading this. I would say, we went on an odd timing in the middle of a weekday afternoon, so it was fairly quiet at the time–except us there were just a couple of people having a smoke, or taking care of their greenhouses when we were there. That being said, I hear its a banging weekend destination. So put on your sneakers, bring a couple of friends, take your most open mind, and go–you won’t be disappointed. We will definitely be back next time we’re in town!

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