My love for Padella

Hey guys! I know there’s a lot of food featured on the blog lately, it tends to happen whenever I travel abroad, more so than usual. I wanted to share one of my favourite restaurants in London (perhaps in the world?) with you–Padella.



Padella is a small Italian restaurant in the heart of Borough Market. They don’t take reservations, and there’s not a moment of any day that doesn’t require standing in line to be a part of this deliciousness. Saif had been to this place once in the past, and he ended up queuing for over an hour–when we went this week we got lucky and we were seated within 15 min.



Padella has a small menu, and the seating consists mostly of high top chairs along the bar area, where guests sit and indulge in some of the freshest pasta they’ve ever had, while conversing with the chefs and watching them do what they’re so great at. The chefs were helpful and directly recommended a couple of dishes, which resulted in us ordering four pastas between the two of us. Oh, and burrata of course…





The food is amazing at Padella, and if you love pasta even remotely as much as I do, you better check this place out. It also is one of the few (only?) homemade-pasta-style Italian restaurants in London which won’t burn a hole in your wallet… 12/10!


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