Our stay at Shoreditch House












Hello Shoreditch!

On Friday morning, we packed up our bags in our Notting Hill apartment and left for a weekend in Shoreditch. We had been looking around for a good boutique hotel in London, and I had received a couple of nice recommendations which we were considering. Initially we were planning to stay at Blakes Hotel, but considering we’re quite hectic travellers, and barely stay in our room except to change, shower and sleep, we decided to stick with something in an area where we’d be spending a lot of our time.

We ended up staying at Shoreditch House – Soho House’s Shoreditch location. They have super nice rooms right on Red Church Street, called Club Row. The room was perfect and we were super impressed with the entire duration of our stay. It had shampoos, soaps and conditioners from Cowshed, for different moods and times of the day. They also leave a light breakfast outside the door every morning, consisting of cold pressed juice, fruits, yoghurt & granola. Last but not least, they take care of your laundry free of charge on a daily basis!

As a guest at the hotel, one can also use the Soho House member’s-only facilities. From the gym to the bar and the roof top pool, it’s a great place to just catch up with friends, get work done, or spend a full Saturday. A few people have asked me whether you need to be a member to stay at one of the houses – no you don’t. Brilliant, right? I would have loved to share more photos with you of the rest of the house, but Soho House has a strict no-camera-rule to protect the privacy of members and the club, so the only part I could take photos of was the room.

My only ‘complaint’ would be the Club Row receptionist on our first day. When she saw Saif’s last name she immediately asked him if he was from a Muslim family, and while checking us in to our room she burst out – “so how does your mother feel about HER?!” and pointed at me. I found the question very obnoxious, especially when the ‘HER’ was me, and I was standing right there. I’m sure she meant well and at the end of the day just asked out of curiosity, but I found the situation pretty unprofessional.

Overall, a 10 out of 10 for our stay at the Shoreditch House. We’ll definitely be back next time we’re in town!


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