Casual Friday




Tee from Fila, denim from MM6 

Hi Friday!

It’s almost the weekend which means casual Friday is in full force and the mood is on top. I kicked off today with a heavy workout with my trainer Susovan. It was the first time I worked out since I left for Sweden three weeks ago – lets just say it was heavy! I almost get nervous before I go in for a big workout, but the second I reach the gym I feel excited and ready to go. It’s a great feeling.

Today I’m working all day, and tonight I may drop by a friends house for a homecooked meal and a glass of vino or three. We were supposed to do a birthday dinner for Saif which we ended up cancelling because we’ve had so much going on with traveling and eating out lately.

I have a lot going at the moment, as you can tell. Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to update the blog at all (my bad), and today I look so exhausted in my photos I had half a mind not to post them. Haha. However, I’ve decided to keep the blog as real and honest as I possibly can, without retouching, filters, spot removals and other fantastic Photoshop features. There’s so much of that already out there, and although its probably way more appealing to stare at a beautiful, smooth, touched up face over my sleepy head, I prefer to go au naturel. Well, not fully naturel—I still wax, shave and all that, but you get what I’m saying. Oily, spotty skin & puffy eyes for life!

What are you guys doing this weekend?

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