The art of being spontaneous

Yesterday was India’s Independence Day, which meant it was also a national holiday. I spent the day just the way I wanted – writing on my book and catching up with a couple of friends abroad. In the night we had a pooja (sort of an Indian prayer ceremony) followed by a delicious home-made feast at Saif’s family friend’s house. The occasion was more than just the Independence Day – it also happened to be Janmashtami (Lord Krishna’s birthday). They even had a small Hindi-singing live band which was lovely – it kind of reminded me of Sufi music with the drums and their different voices…


Everyone is barefoot for these functions and I seriously have the ugliest, most bruised, dirty toes in the world. I kept trying to hide them under my outfit! Really need to get on the pedicure-bandwagon next weekend…


The food was absolutely incredible. And super heavy. It was all vegetarian food too – when it comes to Indian food I prefer veg over non-veg any day!


This is the prayer room where food is being kept for Lord Krishna. Such a beautiful and peaceful space.


At the end of the dinner Saif handed me a room key. It was really late at this point, close to midnight, so the plan was to head home straight to bed. Instead we got in the car and went to the Taj by the airport. Aren’t spontaneous plans the best plans?


I had a glass of wine while I watched the airplanes take off and land from the runway outside our window…



Before jumping in bed I took a long bath… If there is any promise I’ve made to myself about my future home, it is to make sure there’s at least one bathtub. And did I mention candles?



When the alarm rang this morning we watched flights take off from bed again – this time more visible and in daylight. After I finished up my breakfast and coffee I hopped into an Uber and went straight to the office.

I really believe in doing these kind of spontaneous things more often. It was such a life-boost: It takes so little but does so much. We spent less than 12 hours at the hotel but we were left with a memory of a lifetime!

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