Sari-non-sari vibes





This is what I wore last night for a Beauty for Freedom charity event at Theory. I’ve bought the dress from my friend Gaby. You can find her stuff, Deme By Gabriella, here. The two times I’ve worn it, several people have come up to me asking where its from – at a friends dinner this summer in Sweden I even had girls requesting to take photos of it from all angles to try and get something similar made. It’s got a nice Indo-Western touch – like a sari-non-sari vibe to it.

I’m quite terrible at this ‘OOTD‘ thing because I’m always running sort of behind schedule when it comes to social events. I’m usually left with minus 5 minutes and have to ask someone to snap 3-4 quick photos of me before I’m out the door. I also may be a ‘lady’, but I certainly don’t know how to act like one: Last night I was suggesting that I wear sneakers with this dress to avoid having to put on heels. To that I received a unanimous ‘no‘…

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