Pit stop at Lakme Fashion Week

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I was wearing a new dress from LF Markey with boots from Stuart Weitzman. Glasses are from Christian Dior, 1982, and I found them in a vintage shop in London (I’m writing a full post about them soon…)

Yesterday was a day in bed, hiding away from the rain and binge watching movies. I’m always too tired to watch movies in the week–I usually fight for what I want to watch, then fall asleep less than five minutes into the film. So, movies are for weekends and we watched one of my favourite movies last night. More on that later, but I’ll give you a clue and say its a Wes Anderson movie. I’m the biggest fan.

I did make a pit-stop at St Regis before I got tucked back into bed. My talented friend Arpita was showcasing her new collection, and everything about it was stunning! The cool thing about having friends who work in creative fields is the ability to see their constant growth and transformation through and with everything they do, one thing being greater than the other. Congratulations beautiful!

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