Healthy treats






Hi guys! Hope you had a nice weekend?

I certainly did. On Saturday I had a really intense cardio workout with my trainer in Bandra, and afterwards I met up with Saif and Sagar for breakfast at Sequel. Saturdays in India are working days for most people–we only have one solid day of weekend here–so when they left for respective offices, I stayed at Sequel for another six hours to write on my book and get some other work done. I’m so excited about my book finally taking shape! I promise to give you more details about what I’m working on later this week – I think I’ve finally cracked the pieces I’ve been stuck with for years.

On Saturday night I dropped by at Sequel in Kala Ghoda for a private tasting at their new location. Everything is so delicious, healthy and clean – I can’t wait for them to get going this side of town. It’s a 10 minute drive from my office so I’ll be able to go for lunch there on the daily.

By the way – I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about my workouts, and my trainer and I are thinking of putting together some fitness-inspired posts on what I do and what works for me. I’ve recently added weight training to my boxing and cardio which seems to be a great combination for my body type. Is my workout routine something you’d be interested in reading more about?



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