Advice of the week: “Respect time and time will respect you”



Best about my week: Can I just say I’m like the biggest pessimist/day-to-day anxious person I know, but lately I’m feeling so happy and excited. There’s a lot going on in my life right now, and I feel great about it. I promise to keep you updated as and when I can on the blog. So, all of this week I’m spending in high spirits, taking each day as it comes and looking forward to it. A few things coming up that I’m thrilled about as well: I’m co-hosting an exclusive invite-only singles event on Thursday with two friends. No, I’m not single–I’m looking out for all the amazing single people I know in this city (plus I’m a sucker for hosting events). It’s so tough for people to meet someone on the same page these days unless its through some dating-app, so now we’ve gone through the process of screening and planning every detail of it to see if we can make a difference. Fingers crossed! Hmmm, what else… I’m looking forward to a collaboration I did recently–it should be out in the open soon!

Worst about my week: As those of you who live in India would know, Bombay is full of strays. Each street has its own pack of dogs – they sort of live there, hopefully find someone who feeds them, and sleep under a car or a tree. Bark here and there to keep strangers away. Harmless. A couple of months back we found one of the dogs on my street full of open wounds–it looked like he had been burnt all over his body. We got the vet to treat him, and surprisingly he seemed to be recovering well. Then, this weekend, I found him sleeping outside my building, and when I came to pet him I realised he was dead.

I couldn’t stop crying–it was all just so terribly sad. This city is beautiful, but also such a rough place—it takes a toll on humans and animals in a way no other place I know does. The street is unusually quiet this week, and his friend sleeps alone outside our doorstep…

Must do this week: I need to get a nice notebook. Maybe at Muji? If anyone has any other recommendations, please tell me. If my notes are organised, so is my life.

Song of the week: Pink – What about Us. I mean, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS SONG? I was Pink’s biggest fan as a teenager–I went to her concerts with my parents and my sister while growing up, and I can’t remember any artist that’s made me feel feelings harder than her.

Dinner of the week: Aubergine gratin. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow – it’s as delicious as it’s easy.

Advice of the week: “Respect time and time will respect you.”


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