Happy Wednesday!




Hi lovelies.

I slept so well last night, it even made up for the fact that I only got six hours of sleep in–I usually need like 7.5 hours to feel and act like a decent human being. After a quick shower, some stretching (I’m so sore…) and breakfast, I took a taxi to the shop that does my framing of paintings and posters here. They’re super duper talented, but they don’t speak any English, so its easier for me to go there in person to be able to use the limited Hindi I know, along with a lot of body language and photo references… It’s not until recently that I’m into start saving some of my own art and things to keep on my walls to make my home more personal and alive. Would you guys like me to do a post one day on the art I’ve picked up so far?

Today we have to do a lot of finalising and preparing for tomorrow’s exclusive single’s event. If you’re single, live in Mumbai and haven’t signed up yet, get in touch for more details!

Have a beautiful day!

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