Exclusive singles night recap

Hi guys!
Our singles night on Thursday was a huge success and we’re already looking forward to throwing another one. I can’t believe there are so many amazing singles out there looking for love – and were about to change that! We had planned a couple of activities, set up a private bar for our guests, and we had a ‘club rules‘ walk through for guests upon arrival–for example, photos are not allowed to respect the privacy of our guests.

We’ve already received so many requests to do another one again soon, and it makes me so happy to hear of several people connecting and meeting up since our event. So, with that, we are taking all your feedback and our many ideas, and look forward to curating future events with all of you wonderful people in mind.

To keep it exclusive, maintain the quality of venue, invite a selected audience, and set up another banging singles night, we’ve discussed our next one being around Diwali this year. Keep your eyes and ears out here on the blog for more! 


One thought on “Exclusive singles night recap

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