Cleaning out my closet & reliving memories

Hi guys!

Yesterday was the rainiest day I’ve experienced in Bombay since I moved here four years ago. The entire city flooded & shut down–from diverted and cancelled flights to shut down public transportation and roads. It’s amazing to see how people come together during times of crisis though. I asked the watchman in my building to let stray dogs and cats come take shelter in the lobby, and if anyone had an issue with it they could call me. Thankfully, no one called!

 I’m a pretty impulsive person and once I decide to do something I can’t really stop myself from doing so until it’s entirely done. So, after a day in the office I came home to raid and clean out my closet…

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I’ve been meaning to do it for weeks now… I bought some new clothes when I was in London, and I didn’t want to put in my new clothes in my wardrobe until I had cleaned out some of my old stuff. Fashion-OCD much?

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Here is one of the piles of things I’m keeping but moving to another part of my closet. Basically stuff to fold instead of hang to make some more room in my otherwise stuffy hallway-wardrobe. The things I’m not keeping I’m giving to my housekeeper’s daughters. She has three girls who are all just a few years younger than me.

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After an hour I took a break and made a tomato-basil soup with feta-cream. My favourite go-to recipe!

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Do you also have sentimental pieces of clothing hanging in your wardrobe? I have moved around so much in the last 10 years, but I’ve kept a few things with me because of the personal value that they carry.

This grey suit from Zara is one of them. My mom gave it to me when I was turning 19 – its been through many ceremonies, awards, interviews, celebrations and panic attacks…

I used to love this suit and wore it to pretty much any and all important days…

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The suit has turned brown and yellow in the neck and sleeves. I wouldn’t wear it today (although side note: it still fits me!), but one day I’m planning to take it out and show my future children what their momma was wearing in her early major hustle days…

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For now it goes into a storage box titled ‘personal‘ along with many other memories and achievements…

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Then we have this blazer, also from Zara. Basically my entire wardrobe was from Zara and H&M between the age of 18 and 25. I’m saving this jacket because its followed me through some of my most ‘adventurous’ nights in life. Think; random afterparties in Las Vegas, nightclubs in NYC, and wild bar nights throughout college.

This was my go-to piece for a big night out, and to this day I think its the piece of clothing I’ve been the most complimented on…


And of course, the rockstar jacket. This was especially popular during my senior year in college…

From New York brunches to college pool parties and dressing down a formal gown – this jacket has seen it all. I’m definitely keeping it as a memory of what was my most relaxing & fun time in college. Basically the only semester I wasn’t a full-time stress-ball.

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These heels were on my feet pretty much every night out for three years. It sucks to throw them away to be honest, but as you can see, these got to go! Imagine me showing these to my future kids though… Haha

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I found this off-white blazer somewhere in my mess. I thought I had lost it in the dry cleaners months back, but luckily I found it before this white-on-white trend dies down. Yay!

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Although I still have some moving around and packing up to do, I think I managed to get quite organised last night. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all the different piles!

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