Head under arm kind of Saturday

Hey lovelies.

From the gym to a meeting, to Italian class and then the fashion fair – yesterday I was all over the place. So all over, I got home and I realised I had dropped my keys. I recently left my iPhone in a black cab in London, and used the ‘Find my iPhone’ app to locate it. Unfortunately, there is no such app to track lost keychains…


The only other person with a key to my flat is my maid. I called her for me to go pick it up from her place, but she insisted on dropping it to me. Meanwhile, I walked to a bar nearby…


Cafe Mondegar in Colaba is a big tourist spot, but also a local bar for young professionals to grab a few beers after work…


At first I felt really stressed about having lost my keys, but Saif convinced me it could have been a lot worse, so I just decided to drop it and not let it ruin my night…


I must have looked like the biggest tourist, having beers alone in my workout clothes, make up bag, weekend bag and laptop case…


When I finally got into my house, I showered and changed quickly before heading to dinner with a bunch of friends at The Table.


The Table is my favourite restaurant–I eat the truffle fries with their home-made ketchup and chili-mayo every. single. time. Never gets old!


Priyanka and Bijoy were in town from Dubai…


We rounded off dinner with wine and tiramisu, and then a late night marathon watching Narcos Season 3. I’m not the biggest fan of this season as of yet–sad considering I absolutely loved the first and second seasons. Fingers crossed it picks back up!

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