Holidaying on a Tuesday

I can’t believe its already Tuesday. As usual, my Tuesday’s start with a workout with my trainer, picking up a smoothie at Sequel, and heading home to get ready before work. So that’s exactly what I did today, surprise surprise…


I usually dress casual in the office, considering we’re a very small team and don’t get out for meetings every day. Today we had a couple of meetings set up though, so I wore a dress shirt and jeans, and left my furry slippers home to rest…

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 1.04.57 AM

Denim from MM6, white oversized dress shirt from a Japanese brand called M-squared (love). Well its not called ‘love’ I just love it…


I came home from the office to throw together a quick salad on my lunch break with basically my favourite ingredients in the world…


Cherry tomato, mozzarella, garlic, fresh basil, olive oil, salt, pepper


Even allowed myself to have it with a diet coke. There’s something about holidays where I have this need to treat myself to something. So that was that–diet coke was the treat of today…


I left office around 4pm. Since it actually was a holiday today, I figured I could at least wrap up my work wearing my comfiest Soho House-robe and nothing else. Disclaimer: I feel so much more creative when I’m naked or just comfortably dressed – is that weird?


Let the creativity flow: I answered emails, did things I’ve postponed for ages, worked on WAC related stuff, worked on my book, planned details around my upcoming project, made calls and cleaned up my desktop. You see what I’m saying? All thanks to the robe. Thanks robe!


Dinner time creeped up on me and by 9PM it was time for me to throw together a quick dinner. I don’t usually allow pasta on weekdays, but since it was a holiday… You know…


On today’s agenda: Chopped garlic, fresh sage, parmesan and lemon…



And spaghetti obviously…




I added bacon because I felt like it. I’ll say it again: It’s a holiday.


After dinner I treated myself to another shower. Then I covered myself in Aesop’s latest body lotion because my skin has become so dry its literally itching…


What can I say – I’m not a food model or anything…


Highly recommended though. Plus: It smells so god damn good…


Then I watched an episode of Narcos but had to pause it and make a quick bet with Saif – the Colombian guy MUST be Swedish. His English accent is pretty much the most Swedish thing I’ve ever heard…


Had to pause the show and get on Google: ‘Narcos Season 3 Swedish’ …*drum whirl*… BUT OF COURSE! Matias Verala is a Swedish-born 37 year old actor from Stockholm. He’s too good!

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