Wednesday feels







Pants from Rodebjer, top from Topshop

The sunshine is back in Bombay and wow – I’ve missed it. I already can’t wait to go for swims this upcoming weekend. I worked late last night and saved my morning for the latest episode of Swedish Hollywood Wives. Disclaimer: I love Swedish television and TV3 is the only Swedish channel that allows streaming from abroad, so I’m sort of limited to whatever shows they offer. My friends cousin is also a part of this season, which makes it even more close to home. Oh and is there anything better than getting up an hour earlier than usual and just laze in bed on a weekday? Ok fine, yes there is.

I’m by the way running out of Swedish coffee and cheese already – if anyone’s going from London to Mumbai anytime soon, please help a sister out with some good old Zoegas & lagrad Västerbottenost!

Today I’m working on editing an interview I did with a brand recently, and except for a full day in the office I’m on a desperate hunt for a good graphic designer to help me with a logo design for WAC. If anyone knows a good reference, please introduce me.

If anyone’s going through mid-week blues or generally need a pick-me-up, I recommend a fresh juice and this in your headphones [click!].

Kiss & hug


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