French cuisine a la Masque

Hi lovelies!

I spent last evening at Masque in Lower Parel, to welcome the Consul General of France and celebrate the launch of a new look-book, ‘Experience France’. Masque was hosting the Consul General, guests from the French consulate, and ten ‘influencers’ in honour of the special occasion. It was my first time wining and dining at Masque, and I can’t wait to go back with Saif next time we’re looking to do something out of the ordinary…


The champagne was flowing upon arrival. I’m not a ‘bubbly‘ person but this was probably one of the best champagnes I’ve ever had. Not too sweet, not too sour. Not that I’m some fancy champagne connoisseur or anything, I’m just saying: Not a fan of sweet or sour.



Masque is known for their cocktail bar. Next time I plan a night out I want to try and arrange for pre-drinks at Masque. I also hear that you get a special tour of the kitchen when you come there for dinner. I love the concept of turning dining into more than just an eating experience…


The menu was as usual created based on seasonal ingredients and regional produce, but with a French twist…


I got to sit next to Cindy, Tamara and Cecilia – Sweden, France, Australia and Italy/UK all around one table. And that being all ladies too! Love.


The cheese was outstanding…


…the fried duck donut too. Only thing is, we wanted two each, which they didn’t have. Sad.


This creme-brule cheese and pistachio course was another favourite…


I didn’t eat the lamb, but the chicken was also delicious. Each meal was paired with a wine carefully selected to bring out the best of each bite…


I was home in bed by midnight and went straight to bed. I love nights that start early and end early enough to not feel out of it the next day…


We also got a gift to take with us home. The look-book which they had launched, with the best of France illustrated through text and images. Stunning!




How nice? I love coffee-table books!

Thank you to Masque and thank you to the French consulate for having me! I will certainly be back soon…

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