Six especially exciting things about today




Wearing oversized denim from Currentage, belt from In Wear, top from Topshop and slippers from Isabel Marant

Six especially exciting things about today:

  1. I will be sharing weekly workouts with you on the blog starting very soon. It’ll be a combination of some of my favourite exercises, with the goal to make it fun and easy to do at home for those without a gym and a trainer. Stay tuned! 
  2. Its not raining – I think the monsoon is officially over in Mumbai!
  3. Anyone from India knows how expensive it can be to build an Indian wedding wardrobe, and I’ve also found it hard to find designers that aren’t too glittery or pink or costing me not just one arm and a leg but like…two. But now I’ve finally found some. Saif and I are planning to wear Indo-Western to our friends wedding in Copenhagen too – so exciting!
  4. Our new office furniture arrived this week and today its finally been set up. Its looking stunning and I promise to make a post about it to show you in the coming week.
  5. Dua Lipa’s new track New Rules just came on while I was listening to Apple Music’s Friday Feeling playlist. Now I’m craving a glass of vino and considering calling it a day. Ops.
  6. Sushi is on the dinner menu tonight – perhaps the most exciting thing of them all!

Happy Friday happy people!

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