There are enough platforms for hookups, but who is offering love?

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I woke up to an exciting article about our boutique singles club this morning! What started as a fun idea over a cup of coffee and a one-time invite-only event for friends and friends of friends [you can read about the last event here, click!], we’re now turned into a membership-only club – and I couldn’t be more excited. We curate private, exclusive, fun custom events for all ages, budgets and preferences, at different venues around the city. The guest list remains private, with no cameras allowed during the event.

“There are enough platforms for hookups, but who is offering love?”

I’ve received a lot of questions about my intentions with the club, considering I am the only one out of three partners who is not single. My answer is simple – there’s a huge gap in the market, for a high-end, anonymous, well-organised and trustworthy networking service for singles in India. That’s the gap we’re looking to fill. And single or not single, those who know me know I’m a sucker for love…

“Inspired by New York speakeasies and Brooklyn warehouse parties, the brand-new Aphrodite Singles Club has plenty of people in Mumbai swiping right. It’s main appeal? That it does away with the dreary modern-day dating machinery: no apps, website, winks, pokes, or prods. Like a vintage jacket, it’s cool because it feels like a throwback to a bygone era.” Read the full article here [click!], and get in touch on for more info about upcoming events.

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