There’s a baby in the making…

I haven’t even had the chance to share the baby shower madness with you guys since Sunday last weekend! My friend Simone is going to be a mom in two months from now, and we all gathered to celebrate her and the baby boy currently in the making. Simone is one of the warmest people I’ve ever met, and her husband Karan is too–imagine what a big heart this little guy will have…


Everything was so nicely organised…


. I’m not a cookie person but I still couldn’t get my eyes off of these!


I managed to get a photo with Simone and her cute belly…


Kari joined us in the selfie-corner as well…


How adorable is this cake though? Almost felt sad seeing it get cut up into slices!


Simone’s assistant had put all of this together for the party at Arth. All I can say is, wow!


Lovely Rhea was there to cuddle up our mama as well. The paparazzi was waiting outside the restaurant for her, which we all found hilarious after a few glasses of champagne considering they were all dressed up like undercover chai-wallas trying to sneak a pic…





I’m not a fan of shots but still found it very innovative, finding injections and baby-bottles with strawberry vodka shots waiting for the brave ones…


After the baby shower a few of us headed over to Kari’s night for a girls night. Wine, loud music, and girls all over the room…can it get any better than that? 

I feel so old going for friends weddings and seeing them becoming mommies and daddies. It’s beautiful though – to see life just sort of happening in front of you, in ways it never did before.And hey, baby Simone/Karan – I can’t wait to meet you soon!

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