Passion, conviction, evolution…

Yesterday was Saturday and I did a very typical Hanna-thing and went for a panel discussion/event… The topic of discussion was ‘Starting up and surviving in the Indian fashion industry”, hosted by the U Penn alumni association, and since I manage the Brown club in India, we had the privilege of inviting our members as well…


Two out of three speakers were good friends of mine–Nari and Anand. By the end of the event I was friends with Preeta too. I love meeting new girlfriends, especially when they come with a lot of brains and laughs!


I made Devika and Sohni pose for me. Devika recently cut her hair in half and looks so damn good…


I had to ask Sohni to sneak a photo of me with Anand and Devika before the panel begun. The most awkward thing ever–having a blog and needing to ask people to take photos of you. I’ll never get used to it!


The room filled up fast. Kudos to Penn Club of Mumbai for filling up the entire space with a genuine, passionate audience at 2pm in flake-city!


Manoshi was the hostess of the day. She’s a great public speaker and did a wonderful job introducing and moderating the discussion…


Nari, or Narendra Kumar, was one of my first real friends after I moved to India, and one of the country’s leading fashion designers. I’ve heard him tell his story in informal settings many times before, but I’ve never seen him on stage speaking publicly about it. He’s hustled and bustled to get where he is today, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for what he’s built through what he described as three crucial pillars: Passion, Conviction, and Evolution.


“Move people with stories” and “write things down to bring focus to your thoughts”…


My friend Anand was also on the panel–he runs two successful retail companies. He inspired the audience with his entrepreneurship and sincerity. “Toys R Us shows us that the world is changing.” We need to look for ways to stay ahead of the game…


“Experiment, reach out, ask for help, start today”… And “be like a cockroach – don’t stop, don’t die.”

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