In my makeup bag…

I’m writing this post not because I am necessarily super passionate about makeup, but because several of you have recently asked me what makeup I use, and because I’ve only a couple of years ago gotten into using good quality vs cheap products. Could be because I could only afford cheap products prior to that, but anyway. If anyone’s into cheap products I’m a decent reference and would be happy to share some love-from-the-past if anyone is on a tight budget. And by tight I mean tight–it’s not like I’m on some lavish budget these days.


I mostly use Mac products, and probably own every single shade of Mac lipsticks at this point. In college, if I had like $25-30 to last me for the week, I would spend it on a lipstick over food any day. At a shoot I did recently with Grazia magazine, the makeup-person was telling me how terrible Mac products are for your skin. I have no idea to be honest, but she was talking skin-boils and rashes all over, which I’ve never experienced in my almost ten years of using their products. Who knows, what floats my boat doesn’t float someone else’s, I guess. Only thing I’d like to know is if its straight up toxic – if so, what’s not? Help. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy a trip through my makeup bag…


Every day I use a combination of rose water and a hydrating face moisturiser. I use the rose water when I get out of bed in the morning, and it wakes up my skin nicely. If I’m not traveling or staying at Saif’s I keep the bottle in the fridge to keep it cool. Putting cold rose water on a cotton pad and dabbing your eyes with it when they’re puffy works…wonders.

Right before I put on my makeup, I cover my face in a hydrating cream from Aesop. My skin is naturally quite dry, and living in India, its even drier. Comprised of things like avocado, sweet almond, macadamia nut, lavender and anti-oxidising parsley seed oil, I had the parsley seed cream recommended to me. It also includes ingredients like ‘Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Tocopherol and Sodium Lactate–forms of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and fermented sugar’. Apparently sodium lactate increases the moisture content of skin by up to 84%. And apparently this face cream is safe enough to even eat it if one feels extra snacky – must say I’ve not tried that though.


For the longest time, I used compact powder as my base. Until a couple of months ago when I spent like two hours with someone from Mac at Selfridges in London and she convinced me to switch back to foundation again. Thank you for convincing me! My life is forever changed for the better. I use the NW20 shade, with brush number 168. It gives a more natural look and runs less risk looking cakey and spotty.


I’ve also recently moved from a thick concealer to a really light, creamy one. I am naturally very dark (almost purplish) under and around my eyes, so I use the concealer as extra coverage around this area. Shade of the concealer is the same as the foundation, NW20.


For eyebrows I’m using a brow kit from Anastasia which honestly I think I’ve used for like 5-6 years now. Its called Dipbrow and the colour is Pomade – deep brown.


I use blush on the weekends, but for weekdays I use a bronzer to just highlight the cheekbones slightly. The blush I use is Gingerly and the bronzer is just bronze – I think its a standard shade? Both from Mac.


I honestly just use foundation,  concealer, bronzer and a light mascara for every day wear, but for a night out I am BIG on lipstick and a good eyeliner. My eyeliner is from a Japanese brand called Etude House. My mascara is called Zoom Fast Black Lash, from Mac (surprise). I love the way it doesn’t get sticky and clumpy even though it makes my lashes look both thicker and longer. It’s also really easy to remove–I personally am very against using waterproof mascaras.

My lipsticks are from Mac and Nars. I think I’ll have to do a separate post on lipsticks. For every day wear I use Nars Powermatte lipgloss, shade Get It On. It comes on as a lipgloss and dries immediately, matte. I swear by it!



If you enjoyed learning about my basic makeup tricks, I could do some sort of tutorial for you? A separate lipstick-post is coming soon… I love my lipstick collection too much not to.

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