Thursday night date night

Excuse my absence but the last two days I was out cold AGAIN! Yesterday after I finished up in the office, I crawled home to my place for tea and ginger shots–horizontal style. I keep getting these flu-like episodes and I’m convinced the poor air quality here is to blame. Mad eye-buggers, heavy breathing, and one of those flem-coughs kids used to have in play school with old dried up buggers under the nose. You know what I mean?

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In typical Hanna-fashion, by night-time I felt better. Packed for the weekend and dressed up for date night with Saif at Wasabi–something we had planned to do all week. And I’m not one to reschedule these things.

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Dinner was as usual lovely and I still get caught by surprise realising how special he can make a girl feel celebrating a three year ‘anniversary‘ on a casual Thursday night. Although it isn’t really our three-year mark until November 6th, but we felt like starting early, plus I love finding reasons to celebrate…


Two years and 11 months with this guy! A second and a lifetime. We spoke about future, upcoming friends weddings and trips we’re planning to make. Ate tempura shrimp (best I’ve ever tried, options in Tokyo included), truffle edamame and the White House salad, which is named White House after the chef served it to Obama once and he loved it so much he ate it every day after that. It’s my favourite too, Mr. ex-President.


Reflected and remembered the past. Our first trip together. Ate yellow-tail carpaccio which is another favourite. And forgot to order the sesame-spinach which was kind of sad.


Ate sushi and raved about how awesome the tuna was. Ordered extra wasabi and ginger obviously. And giggled about our first date here–at the same table as we were seated at last night. Cute.


We shared a truffle lobster and ate it with wasabi-crab fried rice. Yeah, we were as full as it may sound after that. I eat the same thing every time I go and I’ll never get tired of it. Ever. Kind of unlike me now that I think about it.


Cream cheese ice cream with honey. We shared a scoop and then we team-worked our way through. Trick for when you’re sharing a scoop of ice cream with someone is to make sure you take a bite at the same time from opposite sides, otherwise the ice cream glides around the plate when you push with the spoon from one side. Smart, right?


Saif is the most well-dressed guy I know, if I can say so myself. Well, I can. He keeps my wardrobe creative and my laziness in check and I love that. Sandro shirt, ripped jeans from who knows where, and sneakers from Adidas by Rick Owens. Hey handsome!

I finished my date night in bed watching Swedish Hollywood-wives. Standard.

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