For the love of (androgynous) denim

If there is one word to describe my style, I’d choose ‘androgynous‘ and blame it on my denim. I wouldn’t say I have anything clothing related in excess-I’m pretty good with cleaning out my closet and giving up/giving away things as my wardrobe grows or changes. The only thing I can never get enough of is a pair of cool jeans…or 15.

I’ve been browsing the web all night and couldn’t decide which pair to get out of these… After much deliberation, I chose one of the eight pairs below.

Which ones do you think I decided on?

















OK fine, I’m too excited to not tell you–I clicked home #7. Obsessed! I’ve been eyeing them for ages. Very, very tempted to go ahead with #3 and #8 too though… And #5Which are your favourites?

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