My weekend in photos

I had a really fun, balanced weekend, with a little bit of party, a little bit of family time, and a lot of food. Just the way I like it… I didn’t carry the camera with me anywhere, so you’re going to have to put up with iPhone photos for now…


On Friday I ate a four cheese pizza from Celini at the Hyatt. It’s my favourite pizza in the city–my number one weekend craving but I’ve set up this rule for myself and am only allowed one a month. Maximum…


I also ate a grilled sea bass with roasted veggies, a butter-lemon sauce and mashed potatoes. And capers. Why is capers that’s so delicious? Growing up, capers was my worst enemy. Today it’s one of my favourite things. It’s funny how even our taste buds grow? When I was 9 years old I made a bet with my family friend, that I would never ever drink a beer in my life? Guess who won that bet..?


We also surprised Devika at Yauatcha on her birthday…

FullSizeRender 7

Lots of confetti, dumplings, cake and white wine. I get so excited about surprise birthdays–like full on butterflies and living through the person getting surprised. Isn’t it such an awesome feeling?


On Saturday morning I went to the gym and did a strength workout with Saif. We’ve started working out together and its honestly so much fun. Like being kids and going to play school or something…


I sent this photo to my trainer afterwards, telling him it was a great workout and that I need another one for Tuesday…


After my workout I went to Juhu for a fitting of an outfit that I recently got made by my friend Arpi… I spotted this abandoned ferris wheel on the way there and had to sneak a photo. I wonder how old this is?


Later that day, a delivery came from Fila India. My friend Kshitij had curated their India launch and they sent me a pair of sneakers for the event. I’ll make a separate post on these later today – thank you Fila!


By the evening, I got dressed, snacked on some peanut butter and drank a glass of wine while waiting for the sudden thunderstorm to pass…


I wore pants from Deme and the Deme herself picked me up by 8 to head to the first stop of the night together…


Nitya was having an opening party of her new store, Colaba Cartel. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you must! Pauline was DJ’ing–we were drinking more vino and dancing to her tunes…


Sohni was there to represent her brand, House of Sohn. Her and Smita recently did a collection together and everything is available at the store. Come one come all…


Remember the fanny-pack inspired Gucci bag I told you guys I wanted so badly a couple of weeks ago here on the blog? Yes, the bag I was dying for. Just guess how jelly I got when I saw that Gaby had the same one, but in leather instead of velvet… Want!


The selfie game was going strong…


Combined with a couple of full-body shots…


Nidhi was trying on different outfits from the store to decide what went best with her new Fila sneakers. I took like 400 photos of her this night and I’m blown away by her beauty in every single one of them. I mean, look at her?!


We were discussing the relevancy and stylishness of these sunglasses. I made a post about sunglasses a few months back, and if some of you remember, I was saying, I don’t get it. I still don’t.


Apparently you’re supposed to wear them on your nose but its not seeming to make a difference on me…


From Colaba Cartel to Fila at Famous Studios…




At Fila we met more friends, and to my big excitement, they had set up booths with festival-inspired games where you could win things like teddy bears. I caught Agi winning a whole bunch. I won one too, and brought it home to Saif…




By 12.30 I was done and I jumped into a cab and headed home. I wanted to sleep early enough to be able to make it to the pool the next morning…


…and so I did!

I hope your weekend was great too?

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