Best & Worst & Good tunes

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Best about this week:

My work is fun, and I have a lot of exciting collaborations going on at the moment. From the feature in Grazia to upcoming events with my girls-group, WAC, I feel empowered and happy about what’s happening around me. What else? I’ve downloaded some amazing music recently and new playlists always make me so happy. What else? I’m feeling sore–that’s always a great sign/good feeling. I’m also making some beautiful clothes for all the upcoming weddings I have on the agenda, and making plans for all the trips we have coming up. So many exciting things all in one go! Well, in one quarter of a year…


Worst about this week:

The worst thing about this week is definitely that Saif is leaving for NYC on Wednesday night. I always miss him like mad when he goes–I even miss him already (good thing I’m seeing him for dinner in an hour). I was also having a pretty crappy day today. I used to have a lot more of these bad days when I was younger, where I just felt really low and out of it and can’t wrap my head around or know why I do the things I do. It’s this terrible, gut-wrenching, sinking stomach feeling, and my head feels cloudy. I start missing my family and feeling bad about not being around more often in life. Then I tell myself, one day. Soon! I think its a combination of realising I’m getting older–a real adult–and having moved away from home 12 years ago, when I was 15. My goal is to go live for a full month at my mom’s house in the next year or so. Spend time with my siblings, cats, grandparents, friends and family…


Best song this week:

I’m a documentary junkie, and fell in love with Kurt Cobain’s and Amy Winehouse’s not too long ago. I watched Lady Gaga‘s biopic Five Foot Two last night, and I’m sold! The documentary is filmed during one of her most vulnerable moments in life, post break up with her fiancé, during the recording of her album–which I find her best to this date–Joanne, as well as her struggle with fibromyalgia and anxiety. It’s an important reminder that everyone’s going through and dealing with their own shit no matter how rich, famous or beautiful. Two favourite songs I was reminded of last night – Million Reasons and Joanne–both by Lady Gaga, of course.


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