From baby blue to navy & pink…

Saif left for NYC last night so I stayed up until 3am to keep him company before heading off to the airport. This morning I was so exhausted–I skipped my workout and slept until 8.30. Before leaving for work I stopped to pick up a pair of new Apple headphones…

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 11.46.25 PM

Me: Sir, do you sell iPhone headphones? Apple…for iPhone 6?

Electronics roadside shop guy: Authentic or fake?

Me: Authentic. How much?

Electronics roadside shop guy: Authentic 1800 Rupees. Fake 800 Rupees

Me: Ok, done. Authentic please.

I glanced at the unwrapped Apple headphone-box and noticed that the price tag was saying Rs. 2300, not Rs. 1800. Should I tell him he’s charging me too less? Nah. I didn’t say anything. Then I came home and opened the headphones. They felt very skimpy–thin, light, plasticy (instead of rubbery) and only one of the two headphones actually worked. Damn it. So much for authentic


After I finished up meetings and work today, I decided to end the day by the pool. I had a lot of to-do’s to cover, and the sun was shining for once—my sun deprived body has been desperate for a bit of outdoors.


If I can choose a desk to blog or plan events from, I’ll choose this one, please!


The sky was bluer than its been for months, I’d say. The beautiful thing about going here to work by late afternoon/evening on a weekday is that you also get the pool to yourself, pretty much. At least before tourist season kicks in…


An hour later, the sky had gone from baby blue to navy and pink…


There’s something about the light in this photo that makes me feel as if I’m on a holiday. At the same time, I think its safe to say that this pool makes me feel at home. For the last two and a half years or so, I’ve spent every other Sunday here…


I took a night-dip in the hot-tub and sat there alone until a few more people showed up to share it. That’s when I got out of the pool, got dressed and headed home…


When I got home I took care of a couple of more work calls, watched Masterchef and had one of my favourite dishes for dinner. Almond crusted chicken with roasted vegetables…


As you can see, its basically roasted veggies covered in shredded parmesan, garlic and roasted pistachios–so good.

Happy Thursday everyone – tomorrow it’s the weekend!

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