I started my day off with coffee and a smoothie while getting my nails done–how luxurious does that sound on a scale 1 to 10? Highly recommended, by the way, to just roll out of bed, put comfy clothes on and have your breakfast while getting a mani/pedi. After my pampering session and a quick workout, I had the best kind of afternoon with Leeza–chatting about life and an upcoming collaboration. You’ll know soon!

Now I’m about to hit play and watch the documentary on Whitney Houston’s life, Can I Be Me. It’s Sunday after all, which means I’m doing my best to be alone as much as possible–either all afternoon, or all evening. Hanna-time. I have this love-hate relationship with being home alone–get restless as hell but happy as hell at the same time.

Enjoy your Sunday guys… I’m jealous of those of you on the other side of the world–I wish there was more than an hour left of my day. When I was younger I’d count down all year, to my birthday and Christmas. Now, I count down to Sundays–my favourite day of the week.

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